Stair Rail And Shadow Composition
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Comments (9) Stair Rail And Shadow Composition - 06-30-2008 22:30:00

A rusted metal stair rail and its shadow on the side of a freight forwarding warehouse in South San Francisco, California. This was shot late in the evening, and all of the shadows had a bluish tint to them due to the sunlight filtering through a thick fog that was rolling in.

I had the pleasure of visiting my friends Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin in the San Francisco Bay Area this past weekend. In addition to having an opportunity to make some new images, Mark and Tracy also hosted a picnic in San Mateo's Central Park, where I got to meet Diane Varner as well. It was a great weekend, and nice to connect with old and new friends, and my sister and brother-in-law too.

70 mm
ISO 400
1/125 sec
f 11