Kiwi Fruit Slices in a Block of Ice
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Comments (5) Kiwi Fruit Slices in a Block of Ice - 12-07-2005 05:35:00

This is my entry for the "Experimental" theme challenge.

What makes this image "experimental" you ask? I usually photograph subjects exactly as I have encountered them, and with few exceptions, using the available light. This image is experimental (for me at least) because it took a long time to prepare, and was created using a 100% artificial light source which I specifically placed to illuminate the subject for the shot. In short, it is almost the exact opposite of what I usually do.

The kiwi slices here are frozen at two different depths within a block of ice that I made using a Pyrex baking pan. The top layer of kiwi slices is under about ¼ inch of ice. I had to shoot the photo before the ice had frozen to the point where it would turn milky-white, but after it had frozen enough to keep the kiwi slices from sloshing around in the pan. This turns out to be the point at which the ice is just beginning to crystallize, and the newly forming crystals are evidient in the image. When the ice was just at the correct point, I put the tray on top of two cardboard boxes, stuck a very bright halogen work-lamp underneath it, and shot the photograph.

This was an interesting experiment.

55 mm
ISO 200
1/60 sec
f 11